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Molly Zelvonberger, Founder & CEO

We offer a full range of Family Law services. For every stage of life

Molly Zelvonberger’s office is always delivering legal remedies to assist lone practitioners and the general public. Along with maintaining our membership at the American Bar Association, for the past four years which keeps us as a company connected and informed, we have also partnered with businesses that improve and add to our services. 

  • Mediation Law firms often have access to cutting-edge technology
  • Probate Research databases, and legal libraries, which can be invaluable in building
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Law firms often have access to cutting-edge technology
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Affordable legal services for your small business, family, and personal needs.
Defending Your Peace of Mind

Mediation may be used to help people settle many different types of cases, including for example, divorces and other family disputes, disputes among colleagues in the workplace, and contract disputes.


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What Our Clients Say

Work is exceptional, and it's clear that you put a great deal of effort and thought into every aspect of it. Attention to detail is remarkable, and it sets a high standard for the rest.

Stefanie Rashford

Service was exceptional, and it's clear that you have a genuine passion for what you do. The attention to detail and willingness to personalize the experience made it truly memorable. The commitment to providing the.

Patric Stone

The work done was outstanding! The dedication and hard work put into it were evident and greatly appreciated. The level of skill and expertise demonstrated was truly impressive, and it made a significant impact on.

Hugo James

The product delivered exceeded expectations! The attention to detail and commitment to quality were evident in every aspect. The level of customer service provided was also exceptional and greatly appreciated..

Cassie Carleton
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