Telehealthcare Facts

Telemedicine Facts will certainly become a valuable part of your professional library.

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Telemedicine Facts provide a thorough examination of administrative and regulatory requirements for telemedicine operations in government health insurance programs (Medicare/Medicaid) and private health insurance plans. Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers have rapidly shifted to adoption of telemedicine options.

As practitioners and administrators transition from the rapid deployment of telemedicine services to long-term development of telemedicine as a key component of a health care plan, these questions and answers will become increasingly important over the medium to long term.

With 550 Questions and Answers

This new title explains the administrative and compliance issues of greatest importance to a wide range of health professionals and planners, including:

  • Comprehensive advice about the way telemedicine programs must be administered for both healthcare providers and those dealing with the topic from an employee-benefit perspective,
  • Detailed explanations of the Medicare/Medicaid billing requirements for telemedicine services,
  • New and emerging medical and insurance compliance issues,
  • Patient privacy and data protection issues,
  • Solutions for both government and private insurance plans,
  • And more!

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of Telemedicine
  • State-by-state regulation of Telemedicine
  • Type of Telemedicine services and their applications
  • Benefits of Telemedicine
  • Notification of Enforcement Discretion regarding COVID-19
  • Telemedicine and Medicare
  • Medicare/Medicaid billing requirements for Telemedicine
  • Licensing and parity Issues
  • Patient privacy and data protection
  • Government insurance plans
  • Private insurance plans
  • And more!

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